Our next chapter meeting is on Sat. April 15 2023 at 10am.

Location will be posted here as soon as we confirm it. 

The Millers are on their property so if you want to camp and

prospect for gold please respond to her current post through our

Face Book page: GPAA Coker Creek Tennessee.  

Check here for updates. 


When we have our meetings on the Miller property we can prospect for GOLD!

Overnight camping is also available. 

There is a topic on the Forum about the very modest fees.

There IS GOLD on the Miller property. We have waited a long time for a local place to 

prospect. We now have one!!!!! You can pan, high bank, sluice, AND dredge!!!

Daryl should have some nice Fund Raiser items at the meetings depending on attendance.

If you have not signed into our Coker Creek GPAA Face Book page, please visit us. 

Please use common sense and stay healthy in these tough times.

Our chapter had 2 booths at the 2019 Coker Creek Gold Festival. Our thanks go out to all who volunteered!

This event is held yearly at the Coker Creek Elementary School. Other chapter members attended but are not in the photos.

More photos are posted on the Forum. 




October 2017 Meeting and Outing

October 21, 2017

Many members and guests panned in Coker Creek that runs through The Village

after our Oct 2017 meeting.

More photos are posted on the Forum. 

Here is a very happy Family panning together! 

He is ready to find some serious GOLD!

August 2017 Meeting and Demo

August 19, 2017

We had a demo of The Cube after our August meeting. I want to thank everyone who attended!


Godwin-Coker Creek Lease Closes 9/26/2017


As of Discussions held with the Buyer, The Godwin - Coker Creek Lease is now closed due to the property being sold. 
While there are other areas where we will be able to pan this has been the only location in the State where we can Class 2 Prospect.
This is an unfortunate turn of events, as we have not been able to secure another lease at this time. We are currently looking in the area. 
However there are still locations where panning is allowed. Please check the forum for details.

For a Complete list of Officers and Board members please see the Officers Page .

Congratulations to our New Chapter Officers!

June, 2019

Please Welcome the New Chapter Officers:
President: Al Trotter
Vice President: Daryl McCurry
Secretary: Sean Conary
Treasurer: Daryl Thomas

Vein Mountain Outing

March 24-26th.

We Went To Vein Mountain LDMA Camp for the weekend. Most of us left early but had a great time nonetheless.

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