How to join the GPAA

There are three ways to joins the Coker Creek Chapter, GPAA:

1) If you are already a GPAA Member: You need to complete an information sheet and return it to the chapter. You will also need to contact the GPAA in California and let the know you want to "affiliate with the Coker Creek Tennessee Chapter". For details on contacting them please check their website at .

2) If you are not a GPAA Member:
Purchase a membership at a meeting and the price is discounted! new GPAA one year membership $79.99. We have the kits in stock and we paid the shipping! Joining through our chapter gives our GPAA Chapter "points" towards GPAA items that we can put in our monthly fundraiser.  One membership covers you and your Spouse, plus all your children (under 18).

Memberships are also available at the Coker Creek Welcome Center for more convenience.

3) If you are not a GPAA member: You may still join through the main GPAA office by doing the following:
a. Visit their website at and check out what the GPAA is all about.  Click on the (membership) box then click on "GPAA"

b. Call the GPAA at 800-551-9707 (it is toll free) and tell them you want to join the GPAA. Tell them you want to join through the GPAA Coker Creek Chapter. After you join, ask for your GPAA membership number. Write it down and keep it with you. It might take 3 weeks to get your membership kit but all you need is your GPAA membership number to use any GPAA property. You may visit and use our property the same day!

Thanks, and we hope to see all of you at our monthly chapter meetings!